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Global industry is becoming more and more automated; reliant on complex instrumentation and electrical equipment. MCR has proactively pursued attracting and maintaining the industries more experienced I&E technicians in order to better serve our clients. 


With over an average of 11 years of industry experience per employee, we are confident in our ability to meet project expectations and ensure a safe and productive experience.

MCR has I&E capabilities larger than ever before and is ready to service our international client-base.



MCR provides field supervision at all levels of production assistance.

  • Meter Runs (manufacture, install, service and repair)

  • LACT Units (manufacture, install, service and repair)

  • AC Drives (service, install and repair)

  • SCR’s (service, install and repair)

  • Generators (service, install and repair)

  • Fuel Loading Docks (manufacture, install, service and repair)

  • Motor Control Centers  (service, install and repair)

  • Motor Starters (service, install and repair)

  • 3-Phase Motors (service, install and repair)

  • Motor Controls (service, install and repair)

  • Plant Maintenance (service, install and repair)

  • Process Plants (manufacture, install, service and repair)

  • PLC and Flow Computer Programming

  • Pneumatic Panels- Engineering and Fabrication

  • Pneumatic Technicians

  • Field Service Personnel for 24 hour Call-Out or Rotating Schedule (7 & 7, 14 & 14, etc.)

  • Site Electrical and Pneumatic Troubleshooting and Installations

  • Functional Testing of Safety Systems

  • Electricians

  • Nav-Aids

  • HVAC Repair

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