Our mission is to provide a rapidly modernizing industry with highly trained professionals and quality production through continuous training and up to date company standards.

From its inception in 2009, MCR Compression Services LLC was designed to provide above industry standard pay and benefit packages with the intent of attracting and retaining the highest quality craftsmen.

Complimenting both established and new workforces in the oil and gas, power-generation, chemical and pharmaceutical industries, our dedicated labor force bring their experience and knowledge directly to your company.

"MCR is a company built on the accomplishments of its talented and skilled employees."  -  Calvin Trout, DoO

Our Values

Integrity and Accountability

Safety and Quality Performance


Innovation and Learning

Honest, Timely, and Respectful Communication

Employee Appreciation, and Opportunities 

Collaboration, and Teamwork

Continuous Training

Our Management team consists of professional groups with between 15 and 40+ years of experience in all aspects of the oil and gas industry.


Considered to be experts in their fields, they are available year round in on-site positions, guaranteeing the successful completion of each individual contract. In addition to managing their teams, each supervisor actively participates in the contract work ensuring all aspects of the job run smoothly.


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