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MCR was founded on the principles, values and successful performance of maintenance work. Industry infrastructure requires multiple considerations when planning and executing maintenance projects and we aim to assist at every junction. 

Our maintenance personnel and craftsmen are highly trained and ready to work. MCR in house training in conjunction with industry certification courses are completed on a regular basis to provide the best service we can offer to our clients all around the globe.

MCR's experienced  craftsmen can provide maintenance services to meet your project goals.



Our personnel and mechanical service teams offer a full spectrum of services ranging from plant turnarounds to major overhauls for land, offshore, and pipeline facilities.

  • Computer Based Maintenance Management System, including Supervision.

  • Mechanical Personnel – Available for 24 hour call out or rotating schedules (7 & 7, 14 & 14, etc.)

  • Overhaul crews Available for both High speed and Slow speed Compressors and Engines

  • Repair, Maintenance, and overhauls of:      
    -Natural Gas Engines
    -Diesel Engines
    -Generator Packages
    -Exchange Engines – Diesel and Gas
    -Compressor and Engine parts sales

Pipeline Services

  • Mainlines

  • Laterals and Flow lines

  • Well Hook-ups, Meter Runs, Launchers / Receivers, Valve Sets

  • Fiber Spar, Flex Pipe, SDR and HDPE

  • Bores

  • Hydrostatic Testing

  • Sandblasting

  • Underground Coatings

  • Anomaly Repairs

  • Hydro-Excavation

    • Non-Destructive Excavation and Trenching

    • Line / utility Locating

    • Tank Cleaning

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