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An integral part of MCR's success in supplying highly qualified craftsmen is the emphasis our company puts on training. Rigorous in-house courses and stringent testing we apply on an annual basis keeps our employees at the tip of the spear in their fields. 

Through our Company training program, our team has exclusive access to the most up to date training to ensure that any job is completed in the most efficient and safe way possible.  


MCR is also proud to announce that our team includes many certified Hitachi service agents and technicians.

MCR trains all employees on the most up to date industry standards and techniques to ensure safe and efficient project completion.


MCR provides opportunities to all employees to further their professional education. In conjunction with annual training requirements, MCR trains craftsmen on up to date changes in a modern work environment. 

Standard MCR training includes stringent testing on the following systems and more:


ABB,  Iwaka

Aerial, Johnson

Centex, Joy

Clark, Lawrence

Clyde, Lufkin

Cooper-  Bessemer, Mistubishi

Demag-Devall, Monyo

Dresser-Rand, Murray

Durco, Prager

Elliot, Pulsa-Feeder

Falk, Seimens

GE, Sulzer

Goulds-Union, Sundyne

Griffin, Teco,  Westinghouse

Hansen, Terry

Hitachi, Toyo

Hoffman, White Superior

Ingersoll Rand

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